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Claremont open venue for Claremont to express their views and opinions on the city's important issues and learn more about the events, interesting people and key businesses in the community. Claremont Speaks' goal is to provide an effective means for people to be heard in an unrestricted and uncensored forum, in their own words and voice. To be a guest on Claremont Speaks, please email
Reducing individual water use vs. more new housing: Effective...or Futile? Pomona College Professor Stephen Marks expands on his article in The Claremont Courier.August 12, 2022 Episode artwork New Housing vs. Adequate Water Supply - a Choice? LA Times writer Liam Dillon offers an in-depth perspective.August 09, 2022 Episode artwork Rt. 66 is ON! Kiwanians Julie Martin and Raul Rodriguez spill the details on one of Claremont's biggest annual events.August 07, 2022 Episode artwork The Winter's Tale - Shakespeare Presented As Intended: Randy Lopez, CEO of Ophelia's Jump, discusses OJP's current Midsummer's Shakespeare Festival offering.July 16, 2022 Episode artwork Should Claremont tax medicine? Megan Mbengue - RN, CannaNurse and passionate activist - discusses Cannabis Taxation in Claremont and much, much more.July 15, 2022 Episode artwork AL FRESCO EDITION @ THE RAVELERS' FOURTH OF JULY MEMORIAL PARK CONCERT - part 2July 09, 2022 Episode artwork AL FRESCO EDITION @ THE RAVELERS' FOURTH OF JULY MEMORIAL PARK CONCERT - part 1July 06, 2022 Episode artwork Al Fresco Edition @ Friday Night Live: Four brave souls take a turn speaking their minds.July 02, 2022 Episode artwork "People NEED art - it is not just a luxury": Seth Pringle, Co-Curator at the Claremont Lewis Museum of Art, explains and highlights CMLA's and other local art shows. June 26, 2022 Episode artwork Gun Violence Protest - Indivisible Claremont's members express themselves beyond their signs.June 26, 2022 Episode artwork Combating Ageism: Kathryn Mora, former professional clown, comedian and now septuageneraian Claremont Courier columnist, on leveraging one's spirit, voice and value in today's society.June 20, 2022 Episode artwork The Healthy Mind; Rimmi Hundal, Tri-City Mental Health Services' Executive Director reveals TCMHS abilities to help nearly anyone.June 06, 2022 Episode artwork Kim Peeples, proprietor of Claremont's Vom Fass, discusses her life-path, starting and growing Vom Fass, and doing what she truly loves.June 02, 2022 Episode artwork Larkin Place - Jamboree Housing Corp.'s CDO Michael Massie and Director Danielle Latteri share the important details regarding the proposed Permanent Supportive Housing Project.June 01, 2022 Episode artwork Cannabis Dispensaries - Are they right for Claremont? William Kaufman presents the many upsides to allowing local outlets. June 01, 2022 Episode artwork Claremont Speaks: al fresco Edition; Casual, entertaining and insightful conversations with Claremont visitors and residents.May 16, 2022 Episode artwork Is reading fundamental to recovery? Ivan Mendez, Manager of The Claremont Forum Bookstore/Prison Library Project, provides answers and more.April 26, 2022 Episode artwork Claremont Educational Foundation's Immediate Past-President Deborah Kekone on CEF's many contributions & achievements.April 16, 2022 Episode artwork Educator, art historian, and frequent star of Ancient Aliens, Dr. Deepak Shimkhada shares his extraordinary life's path and future pursuits.April 09, 2022 Episode artwork Stephen Cooley, three-term Los Angeles County District Attorney, makes his case to Recall LA County D.A. George GascónMarch 09, 2022 Episode artwork "The Taste" is BACK! - The Rotary Club of Claremont's Nona Tirre and Bob Hyde describe the exciting return of the "Taste of Claremont "February 28, 2022 Episode artwork Steven Llanusa, Claremont Unified School District President, delves into the key issues of CUSD.February 22, 2022 Episode artwork Merrill Ring, Democratic Club of Claremont's VP/Spokesperson, Discusses DCC's History, Charter, Values and Goals February 18, 2022 Episode artwork Interview with Juan De Lira, owner of Claremont's iconic Sherwood Florist, and Phoebe Carcamo, master apprentice/designer.February 09, 2022 Episode artwork Estate Sale; best option? Zoe TeBeau, Claremont's Top Appraiser and Estate Sale Curator, provides experienced insight and guidance.February 05, 2022 Episode artwork