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Engaging and informative interview with Dr. Greg Schulz, Ed. D, Superintendent/President at Citrus College

February 02, 2022 Dr. Greg Schulz, Season 3 Episode 5
Claremont Speaks
Engaging and informative interview with Dr. Greg Schulz, Ed. D, Superintendent/President at Citrus College
Show Notes

One of the most valuable advantages of being a Claremont resident is access to some of the best schools and colleges.  Inarguably key among those is Citrus College.  Dr. Greg Schulz, Ed. D., named Citrus' new Superintendent and President in June of 2021 by the Citrus Community College District Board of Trustees, was beyond kind to visit with Claremont Speaks and introduce himself to Claremont.  In his disarmingly eloquent, relaxed and conversational style, he reveals his path to this new position, his passion for pursuing the betterment of the local colleges, and some of the key hurdles and accomplishments along the way.

Dr. Schulz  vividly outlines his near-term goals and long-range vision for Citrus College, plus the lengths the board, educators and others at Citrus go to make a Citrus degree  of maximum value and an extraordinarily advantageous launch -point in the pursuit of further education.  He deftly brings to light some lesser-known programs and offerings at Citrus to provide the students every chance to succeed, such as providing college-level/credit courses and tutoring for those still in high school, as examples.  For anyone considering advancing their education - whether immediately post-high school, mid-career or for personal/professional growth and interest - listening to Dr. Schulz' interview will certainly place investigating Citrus College at the top of your "must-do" list. 

Please enjoy this episode, and we hope you'll take a moment to investigate and consider the many, many ways that Citrus College can help improve your career path, better your life and increase your fortune.   

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