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Interview with Juan De Lira, owner of Claremont's iconic Sherwood Florist, and Phoebe Carcamo, master apprentice/designer.

February 09, 2022 Russ Binder/Juan De Lira, Phoebe Carcamo Season 3 Episode 7
Claremont Speaks
Interview with Juan De Lira, owner of Claremont's iconic Sherwood Florist, and Phoebe Carcamo, master apprentice/designer.
Show Notes

There are few businesses or buildings more inextricably linked to Claremont than Sherwood Florist, the modest stone oasis of floral beauty located at Indian Hill and Foothill Blvds.  A Claremont icon for over thirty years, Sherwood Florist was founded by Juan De Lira and through his artistry, originality and passion for delivering "amazing" every day, Sherwood Florist has been been supplying the village with fresh, signature top quality flower arrangements ever since.

Juan took a few moments recently to reflect on his path from college to becoming the "go-to" florist in Claremont.  He describes how in his early years he discovered that the floral arts were his true calling, some of the key the challenges and work involved along the way, as well as a few of his truly satisfying triumphs and successes.

He and his master apprentice/designer, Phoebe Carcamo, then provide an in-depth comparison of the real costs, risks and value received when buying flowers from one of the on-line "floral brokers" vs. the superior, face-to-face, satisfaction-guaranteed experience of ordering directly from dedicated "people pleasers" such as Juan and his staff strive to be on every transaction, beyond simply being able to see the true size and quality of the arrangement and enjoy first-hand all the subtle fragrances it has to offer.

Juan includes some endearing anecdotes about the business aspects required to start and grow such a business while keeping the customer's satisfaction as the paramount objective.  They both touch on the undeniable benefits of their central location, having one's business in Claremont and extoll the kindness and quality of the customers and community he has had the pleasure to serve for three decades.

This is a "must-listen" episode for anyone who is considering purchasing flowers for Valentine's Day, or any time thereafter.  Juan and Phoebe's wisdom and passion for their product and customers and their recounting and comparison of their on-line experience will surely persuade one to take the small, but significant step to purchase locally while ensuring the satisfaction of the extra-fortunate recipient.

Note:  This podcast is best enjoyed BEFORE watching the Superbowl.

Visit Sherwood Florist on the southwest corner of Indian Hill and Foothill Blvds,

404 W Foothill Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711

Phone:  (909) 625-3309

or their website at

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