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Stephen Cooley, three-term Los Angeles County District Attorney, makes his case to Recall LA County D.A. George Gascón

March 08, 2022 Russ Binder/ Steve Cooley Season 3 Episode 11
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Stephen Cooley, three-term Los Angeles County District Attorney, makes his case to Recall LA County D.A. George Gascón
Show Notes

Stephen Cooley - respected and renown District Attorney for Los Angeles County (2000 to 2012) - has since become an outspoken, experienced and respected  activist and advocate in LA and California.  He is at the forefront of change for a variety of key and crucial non-partisan issues - few more important and germane to recent events in Claremont than the challenge to public safety, fair and equitable justice, and fundamental accountability brought about by the significant and potentially dangerous changes in public policies of current LA DA  George Gascón. 

In between managing the myriad of responsibilities and requirements involved in leading the charge of the Committee to Support the Recall of District Attorney George Gascón", Steve was able to set aside an hour to explain what is driving him and the committee to remove DA Gascón and rescind his directives (20-06, -07, -08, -09 and -11), thus reversing his pro-criminal, anti-victim policies.  This approach, Steve explains, is a very real and severe danger to the public - it diminishes the respect and effectiveness of the legal system and then will continue to  "trample upon the dignity and rights of crime victims."

Steve's public career, first as a LAPD reserve officer and nearly three decades as one of Los Angeles' most successful and high-profile prosecutors, provided first-hand exposure and visibility into all levels of law enforcement.  His record more than qualifies him to speak with authority about the immediate and long-range collateral damage that George Gascón and his execution of the duties of the office have caused Los Angeles and California.  

For anyone who is genuinely concerned about the trends in crime seen in Claremont and the surrounding areas,  this episode is one to listen to and recommend to everyone you know.   Steve's impassioned, cogent opinions and examples provide a sobering cause for thought and a compelling call to action.  Please listen, share the link, and contact Steve for more information - links below.

NOTE:  The opinions and views expressed in this podcast are Steve Cooley's.  To be entirely fair, Claremont Speaks is offering an equal episode/promotion to anyone wishing to express contrary opinions and counter-arguments in favor of not recalling George Gascón.  Please email Russ Binder at  to explore this further.

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